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The Encounter Celebration Organisation was established in 2013 to promote and celebrate one of Australia’s most important maritime events – the April 1802 meeting between England’s Matthew Flinders and France’s Nicolas Baudin. This event led to the charting and naming of many of our coastal features and the resulting map-making provided the first complete map of Australia.

The Encounter Celebration Organisation is a  not-for-profit organisation, committed to fostering local knowledge and understanding of the role these two captains played. We continue to celebrate their historic encounter each year so that the importance of the Encounter in our local and nation’s history is kept alive.

To commemorate the actual date of the original encounter, the committee holds a flag raising ceremony on the afternoon of April 8 and conducts a flag lowering ceremony on the morning of April 9.

In recent years, events have been expanded to include a day long festival with market stalls and a program of entertainment. If the date of the encounter does not fall on a weekend, the festival will be held during the weekend preceding or following it.

Latest news

Rolling updates and images are posted on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/encountercelebrationorganisation/

Encounter Celebration Organisation is proud to be a member of Creative France, the portal of all things French in South Australia.


2 Responses to Encounter Celebration Organisation

  1. Helen Prettejohn says:

    Wendy Jennings is forwarding this letter to see if you are interested: Helen is an old aquaintence of mine.

    Its great news that Matthew Flinders remains have been finally found. I am not sure whether I told you Deane is related to Matthew Flinders on Deane’s Mums side.. We did attend a few of the different functions that were held in 2002. Deane’s mum who will be 98 in 2 weeks attended huge amount of the different functions & was even invited to the Mauritius celebrations in 2003 by the Mauritius government. She didn’t go unfortunately.
    We do know a family historian name Keith Flinders who lives in New Zealand & he has asked if we could find any photos of the different celebrations that permission would be given to go on his web site. I know you said you were involved in the celebrations in Victor Harbour. Would you or your committee have anything that they would be happy to share.


    • admin says:

      We are happy for photos of our annual celebration that are posted on this website to be shared with Helen’s family historian. This would be further promotion of our event!

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